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PhenCode at Ensembl

Currently the only option is to load all the variants, but in the future we hope to add the other options and integrate this into the regular PhenCode query page.

To display the PhenCode track (combination of LSDB and Swiss-Prot) in the GRCh37 (hg19) build, start at Ensembl. Go to the Human browser and select Manage your data. Then select Attach DAS. PhenCode is included in the DAS Registry so just click Next, find PhenCode in the list that is produced and select it. The PhenCode track will be available then.

To display the PhenCode track on the archived version of Ensembl for the NCBI build 36 (hg18) use the links below. These links display the Locus Variants data from PhenCode as shared tracks at the Ensembl genome browser. These tracks open with the initial view at the HBB locus, but they are still genome-wide.

Track with LSDB data (Ensembl name = "hydrasource_00001667")

Track with Swiss-Prot data (Ensembl name = "hydrasource_00001273")